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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 2017 Bat Full Moon.

The energy of the Full Moon is still with us. Keep all of our people in your good thoughts 
This Full Moon we are reaching the end of Bibi Maroyas August cycle. How beautiful is that?
For us this is known as La Luna de Los Murciélagos (Bats Moon) and it will be a Bat Moon until the next new Moon.
Then Bibi Maroya will change her halo of light to put on another one of her 13 headdresses. She does this so we may never forget the teachings she brings us with each new cycle.
It is fitting that we consider this Bat full Moon for like the Bat we need to use our ears to listen more.
Note the Bat’s extra sensory hearing, guides it out of the darkness. They send out sound waves from their mouth or nose. When the sound waves hit an object they produce echoes. The echo bounces off the object and returns to the bats ears..... So be like the Bat Watch what you say as your words will echo and bounce back to you.
Pay attention and hear the voice of earth mother in every living thing and you will find the wisdom each sound will bring. Listen and you will see clearly the road ahead.
Emerge like Bats and spread the seeds of your good thought use them to pollinate the circle of life. Let what emerges from your hearts and souls be the wisdom of right action as well the needed love and understanding we should have towards each other as relatives.

Refrain from hurtful gossip and rumors that can only hurt. Release the need for recognition ,merits and manmade rewards…Just do what you do in a good way for others will speak for you.
Ultimately your reward will be a peaceful Heart and spirit knowing that you gave of your best to your friends, families and even to those who dislike your being.
Love you all  Thank you for being in my life  May the wisdom of Bibi Maroya’s Bat Moon help you always find your way? Abrazotes

Abuela Vanessa Meztli Inaru

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