We Are The Daughters of Mother Earth,the Yuka and the Ze
mi.Blessed by Grandfather Wei (Sun ) to from the womb of Atabei be born.
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Earth Mothers Guardian Spirits

Earth Mothers Guardian Spirit of the night.
Murciélago / Bat are Opias spirits and helpers of 
Maquetaurie Guayaba lord of the world of the dead.
Bats remind us to let die that which does not serve for our higher good.
Transform yourself...


This Majestic Bird commands the skies with its impressive wing span.
It is a keen observer of the world it sees from high above.
The Condor brings much wisdom in its flight.
Did you know that the Condor never attacks other living beings.
That It is always the elder Condor that actually lands first to
open up carrion so the others can then eat.
Did you know that the Condor will let you know if its own death was natural or if it was killed for its feathers
So if you ever receive a Condor feather with red streaks do not accept it for the bird died an unnatural death. Condors give their feathers freely one does not have to kill it to get them remember that always.
Wow how amazing is this bird that helps the souls of all dead things return to the world of the spirit.
In this way the magnificent condor reminds us that we must remove all aspects of death from our Hearts and minds while in the world of the living. We must embrace life in a good way and respect all forms of it. We also like the Condor be keen observers of the world around us and contribute to the care of our world.
So be like the Kuntur transform yourself take command of your life. smile emoticon
Let your life triumph in the world of the living in a magnificent way.
So when you return to the world of the spirit you may say to the ancestors
That you lived with love and respect for the gift of life given to you.
That you learned much may it be you brought honor to their memory and to the circle of your people.
So Dance the dance of the Majestic Kuntur mi gente.
Connect and embrace both the physical and the Spiritual of your being .
Be as great as you are meant to be.
Nota : El Aura gallipavo pertenece a la familia Cathartidae, que incluye también al cóndor de los Andes (Vultur gryphus).
Se ven en mucho en el Sur de Boriken también en Kiskeya y Kuba.El nomber Aura es Taino.

Algonquin: mahigan ,Cherokee: wahy'a, wa-,Chinook: lelou, leloo,Choctaw: neshoba
Cree: Mahigan,Hopi: kweeuu,Lakota: shunkaha.Lakota tanka: suuk manitu
Lenape: mohegan, te-me,Mohawk: mahiingan,Navajo: ma'iitsoh,
Seminole: o-ba-ho-she,Seneca: kyiyu,Shoshone: beya ish
Cuetlachtli has instinct, intelligence and loves its freedom and is always aware of its role in the pac .
To be like the Wolf you must understand that
Everyone has a role, and if you act within the parameters of your role, the whole pack succeeds, and when that falls apart, so does the pack.

Yaguarete ,Yaguara,Tezcatlipoca, IX Jaguar
Like the Jaguar 
Center your sight on the heights and levels inside your head.
Know where you want to be. 
Take control of your world. 
Have confidence in yourself.
You were born with all the ability you need.

So go ahead be the only one in control of your life.

The force is with you grasshopper. Jump high.

                                                       Friday Pantera ...Panther

The panther spirit is powerful and protective. The panther teaches us to have courage, It shows us we have power.It teaches us to be be fierce defenders of our home our families and our environment.

 Saturday Mukaro...Owl

The Mukaro teaches us that we have the ability to see what is 
hidden .It teaches us that even in the darkest moments of our lives we can  find our way.

We should not fear what is hidden but be strong and trust our intuition to help us see the right path to follow.

Sunday Manatee
Sacred to the Taino people the Manatee are beautiful and gentle
beings  that teach us 

to slow down our hectic pace and bring the energy of 
gentle peace into our lives. Today they are an endangered species and they need our protection

 Monday  Karey...Turtle

     Karey shows us too  

     Slow up ,look around get connected :) and to 

    Know that your journey in life is what is important .
It teaches us to  Respect ourselves and  Mother Earth as givers of
We are  the ever giving cycle of life the rhythm of the universe
We are the mothers of creation itself.
We must have Determination, persistence ,emotional strength and 
an understanding of our Ancient wisdom.

Tuesday El Guaraguau ....Red Tail Hawk

I had to use this spectacular photo of the Hawk taken by a talented Boricua Taino Photographer 
Amy Majagua'naru Ponce.

When she focused and took this spectacular picture not only did she capture the beauty and mysticism of this magnificent being so sacred to the Taino people...
It is as if you can even hear the voice of its spirit reminding us
Not to enslave our minds with thoughts that limit our freedom to be all we can be.
To connect to the larger vision and purpose of our life.
To spread our wings stay focused embrace the wind and go for it.
Bomatum Majagua'naru for such a beautiful picture.

Wednesday Ku Kolibri, Guaracacigaba the Humming Bird

In the circle of life  there will be times
the road ahead will seem long and hard.
Be like the tiny hummingbird resilient
and enjoy the beauty of the journey while you are on it.

Thursday Dec 2014
The Honey Bee

In the buzz of the Honey Bee we hear such a beautiful message
and in its flight we see the action behind it.
Team work is important organize your mind

So you may work in such way that you can be of good service to your community
Be productive add your talents to humanity and contribute to make the world better
Live in harmony with all your relatives after all, this is your home.
Care for it enjoy it in it you will find life can be beautiful and sweet.

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