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Friday, July 20, 2007

A Message From The Women Of Bohio Atabei


To ALL who have given us support especially to Grandfather Cyril Taylor, Hermano Raul kahayarix Rios, Joe, Doc Sunshine Leon, Behikebo Domingo Turey Hernandez, Behikebo, Miguel Sobiakokoromo Saque, Gina Rixturey Villalba and Behikebo Uian Ferdinand Bruno,in project Boriken 2007.

I can’t think of a better way to Thank you relatives then to tell you it is indeed an honor to be able to say,
That women from the Bohio of Atabei alongside other native women are
Working together to help heal earth mother and to call attention to the plight
Of our respective indigenous communities.
Your donations of spirit, artistic and financial support are helping us reach some of the goals the Bohio women have established to help our communities.
Once again Oma Bahari Bo Matum to you for your love, your kindness and unyielding support.

We wish the world to know that the Women of the Bohio of Atabei are honored to count you among our many trusted friends and family.
All of you have always demonstrated a true love for your people andyour cultural heritage.
You are always helping not only your Taino communities but others as well.
In short you Guys are AWESOME truly the world is a better place with relatives like you around.
Thank you so much for not only teaching but showing us that we must live to serve to be worthy of living. This valuable lesson of spirit is an action verb for you guys,Thanks thanks thanks!
I will move now to remind all of our relatives and friends that many of our
Bohio women and sisters of kindred spirit are out in the field so to speak .
PLEASE pray for their safe return.Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

Our women and crew who are in Cuba with pastors for peace
Our women who will be leaving to join Zapatistas conference. This August
Two Tainas are leaving for Panama.
All of the women on their way home from Intercontinental Indigenous women’s gathering. as well as all of our women traveling to and from Boriken,for Taino Women’s gathering.

Last but not least the Taino Women’s Gathering in Boriken will be attended
By more then fifty Taino women from the states who will join Bohio women of Boriken in prayer and ceremony in support of all our native sisters in the struggle for our peoples.
Keeping in mind that governments continue to deny the Native peoples of the Americas their basic Human Rights we will be holding special prayer circles to send our thoughts of support and good will to the spirits of the four directions.

Note this same week in Boriken our people will also be celebrating

Annual Taino Congress.The VIII Boriken Taino Congress and third annual commemoration of theSacred Reclamation: Grito de Caguana which will be held in Utuado, PuertoRico from 24 � 26 July 2007. The agenda for the congress is postedin Spanish only athttp://naciontaina.blogspot.com/2007/07/viii-congreso-tano-del-consejo-general.html .

The agenda for the Taino Women’s gathering has been sent via private e-mail to the participants as it is only for Taino women and not a public event. We will however have lots of pictures and commentaries to share with all of you soon.

If nothing else is said Ladies as women we are the past, the present and the future of a nation, Stay Strong and move forward with determination to make a difference in a world that has forgotten the importance of balance in our lives.
As daughters not only of earth mother but as native women we have a tremendous responsibility,
We must do all we can to defend, protect and safeguard the present and also the future of our generations to come, that’s a tall order but as native women we can and we will.

See you all soon and those of you who cannot be with us physically in Boriken, we will
Call out to you spiritually to join the circle of spiritual sisterhood in prayer with love and in solidarity with each other and with a sincere respect for all of creation.

With love and respect for all of you…..

Xe anixi Elder Yuyaboaru Meztli.

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