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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Message from Standing Women

Standing Women is pleased to amplify Gather the Women's call to gather with other women in the next 10 days, and consider what our own inner call is asking of us at this critical moment in human history. When we all stood last spring for the children of the world, we were feeling this same invitation to stand together and open to our next steps as individuals and as women.
Many of us have indicated that we intend to stand again next Mother's Day, while Gather the Women has hosted recurring annual gatherings for International Women's Day since 2005. As we look ahead, it seems that together our organizations may be coming forward stand by stand, step by step to inspire and empower one another toward the better world we all envision.
And we can begin now. Please follow your heart in responding to the call, in any way that is right for you. Let us gather whenever it feels right to do so. Let us share our deepest dreams of how the world could be. Let us post our gatherings on Standing Women's Calendar whenever they arise, so that we may see the full scope of our common intention to make a difference. Let us begin our journey to a global gathering of women on May 11, 2008, Mother's Day in many parts of the world...
Message from Gather the Women
Do you feel an activation in the air? A sense that something wants to happen?
The circles and organizations that Gather the Women touches are filled with the falling away of the old, the stepping forward of the new... ideas, web presences, personal presences... and a deep call to collaboration.
Because of this energy, we are issuing a special call to join our GTW Regional Gatherings this coming weekend and the following week, to gather wherever you are, with friends, family, or circles, and tune in to the call as it arises in you.
Some options:
Find a GTW Regional Gathering near you in Maryland, Florida, Colorado, South Dakota, or California.
Register your own gathering on the Standing Women Calendar and your listing will be shared with the GTW Global Calendar.
Watch GTW’s video featuring Jean Shinoda Bolen, Barbara Marx Hubbard, and Jean Houston on the role of women today (email marilyn@gatherthewomen.org for more information).
Be inspired by women gathering around the world. Go to www.youtube.com and search for Gather the Women. Check out especially Jean Shinoda Bolen, GTW in Nevada County, and the GTW African Congress.
Simply listen in the silence for what wants to happen within you, and the connections that want to be made.
Check out the many opportunities to engage with our sister organizations: Evolutionary Women, Standing Women, PeaceXPeace, Millionth Circle, Circle Connections, Sophia Women's World Conference, and Fifth U.N. Women's World Conference.
Email us (jeanie@gatherthewomen.org) with the name and intention of your organization to make visible the widespread organic collaboration of women today.

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