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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Native Day in The Bronx/ Kingsbridge Community

On Saturday June 28, 2008 Cacibajagua Taino cultural society, Cetilizitlinauhcampa Messica Dance, UCTP and Bohio Atabei Taino Womens Circle members
took part in the Kingsbridge Armory International Community Village Garden program celebrating the creation of green spaces in the Bronx.

The Kingsbridge International Garden project at the Kingsbridge Armory is working to make people aware of the need for more green spaces in the Bronx, as well as trying to ensure that space in the armory for schools and cultural exchange community programs is part and parcel of the city and private developers plans for this site.

Better stated in the words of Taino Chief Roberto Mucaro Aweibana Borerro .The community should be involved in any development projects for this armory and it should not become just another mall. Our children need to learn more then just how to shop!

Bronx 12 News attended the event to interview and record the participants.
All verbalized their support as Native peoples to projects that encourage respect for earth mother as well as help to make the world a better place for all of our relatives?

Their words echoed their willingness to take the time to help free of any monetary compensation and or praise...truly these Tainos and Messicas are walking in the footsteps of the ancestors as relatives on the red road...

May Creator continue to bless each and every one of them for the work they are doing.

Keep it native Keep it real…Elder Yuyaboaaru.

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