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Think native walk in balance

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Bohio Atabei is  honored to 
WECOME two leaders from Indigenous Communities of Columbia to NYC.
Elder Mauicio Ganan Melchor and Indigenous leader Mr Asdrubal Torres
Both gentlemen are also members  of the PDJ family.
You are invited to  
Meet and Greet with them during the short time 
they are here for Indigenous Peoples Forum at UN 

Wednesday May 29th  from 6-PM
Bohio Space 2805 University Ave,corner 197 street
Ground Floor Bronx 10468 NYC

Please lets make them feel welcomed as they do not travel out of their 
Communities often to share their valuable wisdom.
Thank you Bibi Inaru  Grandmothers Circle BA and PDJ Carib region coordinator.

Mr.Asdrubal Torres
Nation: Tairona Ahuruaco Confederacion Chicha 
Community: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 
Bio: Mr. Asdrubal Torres is representing his community of Sierra Nevada of Santa Maria, through their tradition of Oral Histories and Story-telling. He was a runner on the Peace and Dignity Journeys in 2004, in Tawantinsuyu

Also in picture Elder Sarah James, protector of the Artic Wildlife Refuge, from Artic, Village, Alaska, and Rocky Rodriguez one of the original Peace and Dignity Journeys participants and Al Gonzales long time participant and runner

Think native walk in balance 

 Elder Mr.Mauricio Ganan Melchor 
Nation: Embera Chami
Community: Resguardo San Lorenzo, Rio Sucio Caldas Colombia (Chinchansuyu) the North of Tawantinsuyu (South America)
Bio: Mr. Mauricio Ganan Melchor is a teacher of natural medicine and protector of Indigenous health. He is an Ambassador sent by the Elders of his community to express the voice of his people, as well as to learn and share with other native communities of Abya Yala (the Americas). He carries with him the messages and words of Tawantinsuyu (South America)|

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