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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Lets Areyto together Tainos :)

A Yukayeke is a village / group of people/relatives who function together in every aspect of life especially when needed in extra ordinary ways – They trust one another, care for one another ,help one another , defend and complement each others’ strengths and compensate for each others’ limitations. They have many common goals for the good of all that are larger than their individual egos / goals.
A Yukayeke is a village of hearts, minds and spirits who live ,love ,laugh and cry together … You see in the long run of every day as one people they can produce extraordinary results in whatever they do thus they are able to share with with their friends and relatives.
Without fear, prejudice ,jealousy, or hate they can stand as one when the ancestral guamo calls .
So how much love ,respect and understanding is in the hearts of our Yukayekes ???
How often do we reach out to each other as relatives …. seeing as how we all share the same ancestors ??? 

Are we really speaking the same language or are we all just pretending to be Taino ??? 
Think on this because a divided people sooner or later will always fall !!!
So how about we join hearts and Areyto together. 

We can not fail nor let our past or our future generations down... after everything is said and done ....... We are family  
Note you are all invited to participate /contribute and help to create a summer Areito of celebration and friendship  with total respect for each other as relatives.

In the name of all of our great Kacikes ,our people today and our future generations. From all the four directions from all of our island homelands past and present lets Areyto together.  Vamos a danzar .Lets make this the greatest Taino gathering the diaspora has ever seen.Lets together make it happen. Bring your flags ,your drums ,your maracas and your songs and lets AREYTO TOGETHER  LIKE OUR ANCESTORS DID .
Please Contact Bohio Atabei lets do this Tainos .... For details email

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